Efficient training for your people

Uniquizz is an adaptive mobile learning platform that increases the efficiency of your training. Your employees learn faster, remember more and perform better using Uniquizz interactive and personalized training methods.

More Sales
Better Services
Engaged employees
Better ROI on training investments

Your challenges

Training in a world of distraction

Busy employees do not read books, long articles or watch videos that are longer than 5 minutes as they are permanently distracted by messages, emails, or calls.

People's motivation deficit

Training platforms and materials don't motivate people to keep up their training. They are not adaptive, gamified, and not easy to digest.

No control of activities and performance

Training methods often lack assessments to find out what your employees know and don't know at anytime.

Our solution - Uniquizz

Light-weight and mobile friendly training courses

Training material will be presented in a mobile friendly way by using articles, photos, videos, and web sources. Every course related subject can contain a freely definable chapter structure to present a complete course structure

Quiz based knowledge assessment

Uniquizz assess the knowledge of your employees with useful and relevant quizzes linked to powerful statistics.

Engaging mix of training and entertainment

Uniquizz combines learning fun trivia to engage your people to train more.

Small training sessions

Take advantage of small bite-sized training sessions. Give your people the chance to train themselves even if they just got 10 minutes.

Training reminders

Uniquizz makes sure that your people keep training every day by reminding and engaging them.

Progress assessment in real-time

Uniquizz provides progress and performance statistics for your employees in real-time.

Full content control

Create and manage all the training content. Make your training engaging by using images, text, and videos.

Performance assessment

Uniquizz provides powerful statistics and KPIs to your trainers. They always get feedback about the performance and knowledge gaps of your employees in real-time.

What are your benefits?

Get more sales, better services, and more satisfied customers by increasing knowledge, confidence and performance of your people
Utilize the time of your people. Make them train a few minutes every day
Make product and company knowledge available for your people anytime and everywhere
Improve your traditional training with modern blended learning, mobile assessments, and smart adaptive gamified content
Give your trainers detailed insights on the training progress of each learner using real-time analytics and KPI's
Improve the performance of your trainers and help them to standardize and scale training at low costs

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